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Hi, time for another round of from me!

I'm Michał. My pronouns are he/him or they/them. I live in Poland. I do weird things to computers sometimes.

I study Computer Science at the University of Warsaw, and that takes most of my time these days. But when I'm not busy with uni, I enjoy video games (which boils down to shooting my way through season passes of Destiny 2 and sniffing in the lore of it) and anime (most importantly, Yuru Camp).

This is my new fedi instance and I'd like to bring my friends here, though it hasn't worked last time I tried, and I don't really expect it to work this time, but who knows?

This is my public profile, so feel free to send a follow. Unless you're a super mean person, then don't. I guess.

Started playing Going Under on Switch

What I like: Kara's relatable dialogue, the themes of the game in general

What I dislike: larger level of volatility of gameplay compared to say Hades

Lol, I filled the 16personalities quiz again and after years of getting INFP I got ISFP?

I am thankful for my good friends helping me out with being a reasonable adult and also providing shopping tips like "the brand stores in Warsaw are shit, better check out this specialized store, wanna go together?"

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The guy at the running shoes store measured my feet and apparently my left foot is European size 48 rather than 46

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Went to try and buy shoes, ended up trapped in a bus with a friend by a thunderstorm

Just another day looking for my 2FA codes in the bank app, and looking for my debit card limit in Todoist

I'm pretty sure I wore size 13 in the past and then went back to 12 somehow? I dunno

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Looking for shoes advice, I have a slightly ruined pair of Nikes US size 12, they're good in general but my style of walking wears them down faster, so I was thinking to get 12.5, but nobody sells that for reasonable money, how bad is the idea to get 13 instead?

Heck, Daria Zawiałow actually got an anime MV to go with the manga cover art for the new album

Shutting the blinds did not affect spurious wakeup hour

Discovered Toot!.app's "scan user" feature, and it said I was a koi? Is it because I feel guilt over missing Fish Friday yesterday?

Made an attempt at reconstructing the bubble tea without the bubbles by adding kiwifruit flavoured syrup to green tea and that mostly worked? Thinking if bits of pomelo could replace the bubbles

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Searched for a user to follow who has not shown up on this instance yet, got error 422 the username is already taken

I crossed Żwirki i Wigury together with two kids (presumably high school), one was in a shopping cart, smoking something and blasting loud rap music, and the other was pushing the cart

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\exists a path that is lit but it's not the shortest one but whatever

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Can't remember which parts of Pole Mokotowskie are well lit tbh

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Do y'all think it's safe to walk across Pole Mokotowskie at 11pm or should I get out of metro at Politechnika and pray for a bus

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Had bubble tea with friends and walked around Warsaw for 5 fucking hours, no, I wasn't ready for it

Tried out Guilded, it feels like a good project management tool, not sure about the Discord-killer part

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