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Hi, time for another round of from me!

I'm Michał. My pronouns are he/him or they/them. I live in Poland. I do weird things to computers sometimes.

I study Computer Science at the University of Warsaw, and that takes most of my time these days. But when I'm not busy with uni, I enjoy video games (which boils down to shooting my way through season passes of Destiny 2 and sniffing in the lore of it) and anime (most importantly, Yuru Camp).

This is my new fedi instance and I'd like to bring my friends here, though it hasn't worked last time I tried, and I don't really expect it to work this time, but who knows?

This is my public profile, so feel free to send a follow. Unless you're a super mean person, then don't. I guess.

okay my main account from now on is and this time i think i didn't make a mistake again right

:drake_dislike: mentioning the actual timezone
:drake_like: using tlapka as time reference

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forgot to post here but i'm thinking of trying out no man's sky on twitch today at 7pm (tlapkov timezone)

server going briefly offline, scaling back down to hetzner cpx11

TIL deepl now supports czech, this will be useful considering google's occasional shortcomigns

i posted something on twitter and amos seemed interested enough that i thought it would be good to capture all the people googling "slow perf script"

an example 

bought the same microphone asie did so now i can stream better i guess (remember when i said i wouldn't stream anymore lol)

czech train station announcement jingle vaguely reminds me of a nintendo direct sound effect

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a bit disappointed that the ticket says hodonin/brno but this one doesn't go through brno

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öbb sent me a fucking email just because the platform of departure has changed

imagine pkp ic doing that

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wien-warszawa ec 102 is great because it's literally a polish train from start to end but tickets are more reasonable to buy from öbb
also there is a hotspot that doesn't give internet

does misskey not propagate a cw to replies or what? i'm seeing this a lot, threads that start cw'd and quickly stop being cw'd

did you know in austrian mcdonalds you can get cucumber instead of apple in your happy meal

this thought brought to you by asie recommending me a microphone

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mmm what if i sold my sennheiser hd 350bt and bought 450bt instead (the main difference for me is that they can be used wired, i'm not really that interested in anc)

i think i'd really love to try xonsh as a shell but then it would probably become very difficult to use the bourne-likes

Tusker is finally in public beta, three years to the day after the first commit!

You can join by following the instructions at this link: (required iOS 14).

If you run into issues or have any feedback, just send me a message. I hope you like it!
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